Psychology research is an ongoing process and it’s unlikely that we will ever fully understand anything about yet, yet. As we are prone to do, we are ever-advancing our understanding forward, even if it means one day dismissing everything we learn today, because of some new discovery. Indeed, psychology may be unreliable in its conclusions more often than most sciences, but this only means that we must increase our efforts.

When writing a research paper, one is expected to follow very specific guidelines, regarding format and presentation. These guidelines are often governed by the specific style the author chooses to compose their paper in and can be found on most affiliated sites. The following short points will provide you with a simple outline to help you construct a title page for your psychology research paper:

  1. State the title of your paper
  2. The title should be placed at the top of the page, in a nice, large text. Capitalize all the major words in the title and make sure they are all correctly listed. You also want to pay attention to how you center the words. Many noted publishers also take careful care when choosing a title, to ensure it provides the best aesthetic effect, you can also rearrange the words to help you with this.

  3. State your name and credentials
  4. Following your paper title should come your own and it should fall directly below your paper title, in smaller text. Be sure to include any other titles you may possess, to help fill in the lines. This will make you look more distinguished to your readers.

  5. State your departments of study
  6. Following your titles, you must also inform potential readers of the department you belong to. This will enable readers to know exactly what field of study your research belongs to and further helps them decide on whether or not they want to read your paper.

  7. Briefly state what you study entails
  8. Now that you have completed the formalities, you can proceed to briefly explain the contents of your paper. Do not go into too much detail, your purpose here is just to provide a general outline of the study, so readers can get an idea of what is contained.

  9. Acknowledge the board of directors.
  10. Finally, you must state the names of the persons you intend to submit your paper to, which is usually a collection of professors. Include each person’s professional title, along with their name, in abbreviated format.

Creating a cover page seems quite easy, but can you write the whole paper without struggling? If no, it’s time to get a professional writer for my paper and leave studying stress behind!

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